Rapidly approaching Rainbows End

Rainbows End is a really awesome novel by Vernor Vinge, set in a near-future world "where almost every object is networked and mediated-reality technology is commonplace." Reading the first part of "The street as platform" felt a lot like being back in the fictional world of Rainbows End, but it is entirely realistic. It may […]

Deeper Green items

Ideas for future field trips:

Easy Care green walls (?). Mentioned in the meeting, but my searching is turning up nothing online.

Brockton Brightfields, the largest solar array in New England, turning a brownfield site into solar energy generation.

Konarka thin film organic PV. It does not use silicon, but a "photo-reactive polymer material invented by Konarka co-founder […]

Wind belts and eco-cities

I'm going to the monthly Deeper Green meeting (a committee of the USGBC MA Chapter), and one of the traditional things we do is to share news about things we've learned recently regarding sustainability, usually in terms of "cutting edge" technology. Which I have mixed feelings about.

On the one hand, I love a good widget; […]

A few articles on biomimicry

The Year in Biomimicry, with inventions inspired by butterflies, penguins, and slime mold.

Another butterfly-inspired product is Morphotext, “the world’s first optical coloring fiber,” made up of layers of polyester and nylon, which create colors by the way light interacts with the different thicknesses of fiber – there is no dye or pigment.

Is biomimicry really a […]

Urban agriculture in Detroit

An article in the LA Times describes how Detroit may be turned into one big urban farm, with food crops, trees grown in areas where the soil is too toxic for food, and mushroom or hydroponic crops inside old buildings.

In Detroit, hundreds of backyard gardens and scores of community gardens have blossomed and helped feed […]