Building material reuse

I’ve built a number of small items (shelves, mostly) out of scrounged wood: Pieces of futon frames found in the dumpster; scrap wood in the woodshop trash bin; a battered desk abandoned in the alley next to the dumpster. Why not? It’s much cheaper than buying new lumber somewhere, which adds another level of satisfaction […]

Maybe the "G" will mean "Green" in the future

I found this via Twitter; the exact link I forgot to note (sorry). The Green Workplace writes:

HOK, the General Services Administration and the University of Maryland recently partnered to write a comprehensive guide for sustainable development in the federal government. The work is being honored by the Federal Planning Division of the American Planning Association.

The […]

Evidence-based design

I'm sad that this – or at least the more rigorous application of it – is a relatively new practice. (emphasis added by me)

[James Timberlake, FAIA, of  KieranTimberlake, says,] “If we weren’t using evidence before, what the hell were we doing when we were designing? To me and Steve [Kieran], what’s new is the fact […]

Green jeans

A post on GreenerDesign, an excerpt from a speech by the CEO of Levi Strauss, which describes how the company took a look at some of their products, to get a good look at the actual environmental impact of those products, what they found, and what they decided to do about it:

Our study found that […]

More bad design from Apple, but I kind of appreciate it anyway

Well, a little. In that schadenfreude, watching two disliked entities attack each other, way.

I'm not a big fan of Apple/Mac. Most of my years using a computer have been on a PC, so I'm most comfortable there. I've spent about 3 years using Macs at workplaces, but in many respects I'd rather be back on […]

Living buildings

A friend sent me this link, to an article about a "living building" in Jerusalem.

The building is the Gutman Visitation Center, and – among other features – is designed to create habitat for non-humans.

From the Jerusalem Post, more details:

…Not only was it constructed with recycled materials for the most part, it is actually designed not […]