Why We Must Integrate Buildings into the Natural Environment Through the Envelope

[I wrote this for the “Sustainable Design as a Way of Thinking” class at the Boston Architectural College.]


When natural systems are destroyed in the process of creating a building, it is important to replace them by incorporating them, or a reasonable replacement, as much as possible into the building’s design. This is the only way […]

Valuing where we live

Two items.

First, the concept of natural capital, which seems to finally be getting some serious attention. Putting a price tag on nature. Not because of how much you can earn from harvesting and selling parts of it (extracting oil, cutting down trees, whatever), but how much economic value there is to be gained by leaving […]

A more awesome type of habitable green roof

The type that is habitable for wildlife, soon to come (I hope) in Portland, Oregon.

Dusty Gedge, president of the European Federation of Green-roof Associations, took a tour of some of Portland’s green roof-tops.  Gedge says Portland is internationally known for its traditional eco-roofs which help reduce annual storm runoff by about 70 […]