Deeper Green items

Ideas for future field trips:

Easy Care green walls (?). Mentioned in the meeting, but my searching is turning up nothing online.

Brockton Brightfields, the largest solar array in New England, turning a brownfield site into solar energy generation.

Konarka thin film organic PV. It does not use silicon, but a "photo-reactive polymer material invented by Konarka co-founder and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alan Heeger." It's flexible and recyclable, and the structure of the OPV material allows it to generate power from light coming in from angles other than 90 degrees. And it can generate power from artificial light sources. A friend who toured their site mentioned they are also looking into making PV fibers, so you could literally weave fabric from the stuff.

Other items:

Terraskin "paper" made from calcium carbonate and polyethylene resin. Can go into the normal paper recycling stream, because the components will be separated out and will not harm the end result (recycled paper); however, at this point in time, to actually recycle the product requires it to be shipped back to the manufacturer. It cannot be used in normal inkjet or laser printers. On the plus side: it's durable, uses significantly less ink than fiber paper, and the processing requires no water use. It will be interesting to see if this gets wider use.

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