Maybe the "G" will mean "Green" in the future

I found this via Twitter; the exact link I forgot to note (sorry). The Green Workplace writes:

HOK, the General Services Administration and the University of Maryland recently partnered to write a comprehensive guide for sustainable development in the federal government. The work is being honored by the Federal Planning Division of the American Planning Association.

The guide won the award because it was a part of the GSA Sustainable Development Education Initiative, which was selected as the “Winner” in the Outstanding Sustainable Planning, Design and Development Initiative Category.

The GSA says:

This 40-page guide to sustainable development will help you move beyond existing “green” and “high-performance” strategies that provide incremental improvements, to ones that will sustain the Government’s operations within the scale of the Earth’s closed system. The “Guide” and its four-section “Appendix” include concepts, tools and strategies for operationalizing sustainability that will simplify every-day decision-making and provide guidance for achieving long-term goals.

I haven’t done anything more yet but skim the table of contents (and download the guide, and the appendix, which is an EVEN BIGGER document – they are available in .doc format, too!), but I like what I see in the Executive Summary TOC part alone:


Our world is a closed system.

Government operations must reflect closed system limitations.

The Government’s operations can be sustainable.

It’s time for a new paradigm.

Achieving sustainability depends upon crossing a new frontier in government operations.

This should be some good reading.

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